Advanced, Electronic iPod
Gems of Novel Music / Personal DJ

It's like a Micro DJ. Collect gems of all these tracks that sound cool to listen to, and play them back as something like a DJ, the feel of swapping the records.

Features Visual Shuffle

We've pioneered the idea of Visual Shuffle - of choosing from random tracks, that you see on screen (rather than at the mercy of just hearing random tracks was conventional shuffle). All to find what songs best match you at the time, you and your mood/season. Visually, immediately know novel songs to play.

Focus &
Enjoy your Music,

Focused music listening, for one who really loves music. Queue music, listen consciously. Collect songs you'll love soon or later on.

Play a symphony of music that you love today (music for your mood, queued). The way it's focused music listening, you may well feel like you're playing music with your own hands and mind. Like the music player (software) become musical instrument.

Albums, Discographies

Even has albums and discographies- find something you really like, then hear more of that album or artist.

Simple, Small, Interface

It’s simple, but the interface affords a lot of possibilities, for being able to play music to match your feelings, exploring.

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