Internet for Mac
A Revolution in Web Browsing

The New Web Browser,
Based Around Search

Casually Search:
Open up a New Search any time.
It’s simple like an Appliance!

This new interface makes your computer into a
"web browsing appliance",
rather than like a "now old school" computer program
(like Internet Explorer or Safari).

Find information more easily, more like an everyday task –
the new everyday, of the 21st century,
in the information age.

The First Web Browser
Based Around Search:

An Interface for Search

Your Search is the interface.

⇢ All the Search result web pages
are the Sidebar.

⇢ Result pages that you open are the ’Tabs.’

There's never been anything like it.
You're seeing early here, before everyone else, what companies like Apple will adopt,
the future of the web browser.

A Web Browser Designed for Information,
Research & Learning

Internet is a web browser designed for information. It’s designed specifically for searching topics, reading, and learning. It makes it easy to sift through information. Finding information becomes a more natural, leisurely, ergonomic task.

Age of the Internet:
This Is The Future

The interface is the future of the web browser.
It’s an ideal form, an ideal interface,
to the internet, for information.

Elegant like an ‘iApp’ of Steve Jobs Apple Lore, or the vision of the iMac. The Idealism that made us excited for Internet-age software innovation in the first place.

Try it. You’ll love it.

New Education Software,
The New Modern, the Enlightenment

Like the renaissance, the first enlightenment, this idealist new browser represents another giant leap ahead in to the Information Age – or to the second enlightenment – this time with technology. Combine enlightenment-like principles with technology, and human potential may be better than we think. Software is an important medium, only just begun. Love of learning encouraged. Think Different.

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