432^2 = 186,600 (m/s),
the speed of light.

Like an Audio Starship,

Hear your Music
at the Original Tuning,
432Hz A.

Lightspeed was built because, contrary to common knowledge, the current musical standard is actually not the original one – it was altered in 1939, to 440Hz A. The original musical tuning is actually 432Hz A, Pythagorean Tuning. This tuning, the original tuning, is what Lightspeed converts to – to rather soothing, pleasurable, heart-friendly results. Lightspeed is a convenient way to convert to the original tuning, for music you regualrly listen to, the elegance of an ‘iPod’.

Pythagoras (or Apollo) was a mathematician and mystic (more than just a ‘philosopher’). He healed people and animals with music. He founded the original “mystery school”, or you may say, the original university! He was a mathematician after all.

Apollo, is the god of music, healing, and, light. Lightspeed is healing with music – like music synchronized to the speed of light. Maybe they’re harmonious.

A Study

There was one study that included 432-tuned music (against a 440 hz control group).

At 18 months, patients in the experimental group showed significantly decreased BSI scores compared to control patients. Intriguingly, this effect was not only seen for symptoms of psychosis and paranoia but also for anxiety, phobic anxiety and somatisation.

But your use of the app ought to yield a lot better than any reading of a study. You can experience wondrous natural highs from this natural tuning, not just some alleivement of symptoms.
But yes, it is healing.

Comparison of the Tuning Frequency Numbers

– Mid Low
C 128
D 144
E 162
F 176
G 192
A 216
B 243
– Mid (middle C)
C 256
D 288
E 324
F 352
G 384
A 432
B 486
– Mid High
C 512
D 576
E 648
F 704
G 768
A 864
B 972
– Mid Low
C 130.81
D 146.83
E 164.81
F 174.61
G 196
A 220
B 246.94
– Mid (middle C)
C 261.63
D 293.66
E 329.63
F 349.23
G 392
A 440
B 493.88
– Mid High
C 523.25
D 587.33
E 659.26
F 698.46
G 783.99
A 880.00
B 987.77
Natural Numbers, Phi! Mathematical/Scientific Tuning, Lightspeed
(Similar to computers!)
Contrived/Arbitrary "Official" tuning, Made Standard c. 1940s

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