Do anything, from,
Draft Song Ideas
Compose Full Songs.

For Creative Novices,
to Advanced Artists alike.
Real Music Making has never been easier.
Music making, for Everyone. Music making, Reinvented.
Concentrate on transcribing your inspiration,
rather than on complicated music software.


• Chord Progressions – Draft a song, fast!

Chord Progressions that you can Type out on your keyboard.
Songs are largely “based” off of chord progressions, you can draft almost anything with them (yet they’re entirely absent in any reasonable form in music making offerings!). So MultiTrack makes it extremely easy and elegant to type out chord progressions (or tap them out from the built in chord library – complete with each of the 7 musical keys!).

So, type out a Chord Progression, then just play along with it. Type a Chord Progression, then sing along with it. Or jam with your electric guitar. Or tap out some drum beats. And you have a Song Draft.

Chord typing innovation: Press the Chord letter to type out that chord on your song timeline. Press A for an Amajor, press B for a Bmajor, (even shift-alt-A for an A#minor – most major chords are possible using modifier keys).

• 5 Types of Tracks / “Instruments”
– “MultiTrack” A Complete Digital Band
-> Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar, & Recordings/Vocals.

Forget bands. You can make your own band now, the most advanced ever for the simplest ever, today, in the 21st century, on your computer.
The definition of “singer songwriter” has evolved.

Many of the best serious rock artists are digitally composing their entire works electronically, as ‘one man bands’. But they’re using advanced tools that require professional familiarity. We just made it many times more accessible, with the basic yet elegant interface presented here today.

• The Elegant Grid System – for Visionaries!
Tap out to compose any and all song compositions

Not only can you draft songs with chord progressions, it’s not limited to that – you can compose full, complete songs, and still simply! Just tap out the ‘squares’ (simple boolean on-off), on any track type - and it’s adapted to be simplest for how that instrument works. Easily make melodies/leads, bass lines, and drum tracks. The melodic instruments offer more than an octave (15 spaces), to keep it simple yet allow for some flexibility (advanced features TBA). The drum tracks offer your standard 5 piece drum set, with all the main components in a drum set (even- higher visually on the track, is ‘higher on the drum set’ i.e. cymbals, and lower is ‘lower’ i.e. snare and bass drums).

All these instruments allowed for, enabled, – yet, it’s maintained in the simplest of universal systems, the grid system we designed, simple as legible, tappable, keyboard controllable, square boxes that you just key through, as a result being able to quickly “key out” almost any composition, as you hear it in your head. It’s designed for visionaries, (even though the software is so “basic”!) – it’s designed for people who literally, hear music in their heads.