The Virtual Generation Music Device
Music is now Addicting.

A New Innovation: Visual Shuffle

“Conventional” shuffle in the music player has been hyped and featured in the past. But we believe that Visual Shuffle is the true breakthrough in novel music. Instead of just hearing random tracks, you get to See random tracks, allowing you both choice and novelty!
Get a New Pack of Tracks.
Like a New Pack of Cigarettes.
Smoke one at a time.
Musical ADD At Its Finest.
Get a pack of Tracks.
Pick a Track.
Pick another track.
Explore an Artist.
Surgeon General’s Warning
Music. A Gateway Drug.
Fall in Love with your music over and over.
There’s ecstasy in your spine.

Another Innovation: Meta Music

“Not only do you get 20 random tracks after a “shuffle”, you also get 20 novel Artists & Albums. So while it has Tracks there for instant playback, it’s also more abstract, with Artists & Albums on ‘even footing’, where you can tap Meta Link off to go to a Full Album Experience or an Artist Discography Experience on a whim. So it’s not only Addicting Music, it’s also Musical Purist - Connoisseur and Discography lover. A Meta UI for Novel Music in Any Form

A Simpler Interface

Music Simplified, without all the extra “chrome” like Apple’s “Music” app. Less like a computer program, and more like an iPod. Everything is there, but simpler. It works as your daily music player. It’s what a simple computer interface for music should be.
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